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Thermalyze - Thermal Image Analysis Software

The following software updates are for Thermalyze version 7.0.0 and higher and will not function with previous versions of Thermalyze. We are currently working on updates for previous Thermalyze versions and they should be available soon.

Note: A password is required to install Thermalyze on your computer and a hardware key is required to run Thermalyze.

Thermalyze Setup ver 7.0.7.zip

Installation Instructions

  1. Contact Optotherm to obtain a software installation password.
  2. If a previous version of Thermalyze is already installed on your computer, open Programs and Features from the Windows Control Panel and uninstall the previous version. Important: The calibration data will not be removed from your computer when Thermalyze is uninstalled and therefore does not need to be reinstalled after installing a new version of Thermalyze.
  3. Click the link above and download the zipped Thermalyze Setup folder to your computer's hard drive.
  4. Unzip the downloaded folder on your computer and then double-click setup.exe.
  5. To continue the installation, follow the instructions in your Optotherm User Manual.

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