System Components

Device Probing Package

The device probing package includes the following items required for making electrical contact with bare semiconductor pads and device package leads:

Probing Platform

The probing platform provides a sturdy base on which to probe and power IC devices and die. The platform is manufactured from magnetic 410 stainless steel and is ground to a smooth, flat surface for use with magnetic probe positioners.

Probe Positioners

Probe positioners enable precise positioning of needle probes onto semiconductor pads. Each positioner has a magnetic base and can be adjusted in the x, y, and z directions with +/- 7.5mm movement along each axis. The test arm can swivel and be adjusted in the z direction using a thumbscrew. The needle probe position on the test arm can also be adjusted using a thumbscrew. A wire lead with gold-plated contact pin is used to make electrical connection to the needle probe.

Note: Probe positioners are offered in both left and right hand versions. The right hand version is shown on the right.

Visual Camera

The visual camera is a USB powered color digital camera with 1280 x 960 pixel resolution and image capture rate of 25 frames-per-second. Images captured from the visual camera can be displayed within the Thermalyze software program to enable precise device probing. The camera lens has manual zoom from 1 to 10X with a minimum working distance of 200mm. The lens aperture can be adjusted to optimize image contrast and depth-of-field. Includes camera mounting and positioning fixture.

LED Spot Lights

Two LED spot lights provide cool, even lighting for troubleshooting IC devices and when capturing images using the visual camera. An adjustable dimmer knob controls the amount of light illuminating the device under test and each light can be precisely aimed on the device using the dual 50cm long dual goosenecks. Includes mounting pole and power supply (100-240 VAC input, 50/60 Hz).

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